The Gargano coast, a unique jewel!

The Gargano coast could be defined as unique. Why? It will be easy to explain it to you.

Along the entire north and south coast of our city (that is Vieste), you will be able to find about 200 kilometers of beaches with shallow, sandy bottoms and crystal clear waters. This alone could be enough to show you that the Gargano coasts are unique and unmissable.

But there’s more. Along the coasts you can also find the famous stacks of the Gargano, the sea caves, the coves and last but not least the Tremiti Islands which are a couple of hours away from the city of Vieste by boat. The latter represent true earthly paradises and offer all their visitors glimpses that you will certainly not be able to easily forget.

The coves and bays along the Gargano coast are truly innumerable and many of them can only be reached by boat. Among the most famous we mention the Baia di Campi, Baia di Vignanotica and the Pugnochiuso bay.

The beauty of the Gargano coast obviously does not concern only the city of Vieste, but also other villages that arise nearby such as Peschici and Rodi Garganico, where even here you can find incredibly beautiful and welcoming beaches.

Before leaving you, we want to tell you about another great protagonist of the Gargano coast. We refer to the trebuchets. Of the ancient fishing machines that adorn the coasts of the city of Vieste and Peschici. There are several and many of them are still in operation today.

There is really a lot to discover in Vieste, choose to sail with us and you can be sure that you won’t miss a thing!

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