The stacks of the Gargano; real natural monuments in the Gargano sea

It is possible to notice them going down on the slope to the south of the Gargano. They arise a few meters from the coast and often take on completely bizarre but very particular shapes. What are we talking about? Obviously the stacks of the Gargano.

Those that can be admired today are truly innumerable, especially by boat a few kilometers from the city of Vieste.

But how are the stacks formed and what are they? These are small rocky cliffs that rise near the rocky cliffs and are formed thanks to the erosion of the water and the wind.

The formation of the stacks is mainly due to 3 types of erosive activities:

  1. The chemical alteration dictated by the rock-salt water contact;
  2. Mechanical disintegration determined by the action of molluscs and other marine beings;
  3. Wind and water erosion as already mentioned.

The formation of these real marine and natural monuments is very frequent in the Mediterranean seas and consequently also here in the Gargano, among the most famous we cannot fail to mention the stacks of Mattinata which every year attract hundreds of tourists intrigued by this incredible phenomenon .

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